Irena Hwang


Hey there, I’m Irena! Currently, I’m a data reporter at ProPublica where I’m usually coding up data analysis pipelines, writing methodology columns [1, 2], and creating graphics [3, 4] for accountability reporting.

In the past, I’ve worked with some really great teams, including the folks at Planet Money [5, 6, 7], The Associated Press [8, 9, 10], Big Local News [11, 12], and The Dallas Morning News.

I also love working with aspiring journalists through student training programs. I’ve been a mentor with the AAJA Voices program [13, 14] and the Chips Quinn Scholars Program for Diversity in Journalism. My path to data journalism was very nonlinear (I stumbled into it while completing a PhD in electrical engineering), so I’m happy to do informational chats with students — particularly doctoral candidates in STEM fields. Just send me an email to find a time to talk!