Irena Hwang


Hey there, I’m Irena! Currently, I’m a data reporter at ProPublica where I’m usually coding up data analysis pipelines, writing methodology columns [1, 2], and creating graphics [3, 4] for accountability reporting.

In the past, I’ve worked with some really great teams, including the folks at Planet Money [5, 6, 7], The Associated Press [8, 9, 10], Big Local News [11, 12], and The Dallas Morning News.

I also love working with aspiring journalists through student training programs. I’ve worked with the AAJA Voices (13, 14) program and the Chips Quinn Scholars Program for Diversity in Journalism. My path to data journalism was very nonlinear (I stumbled into it while completing a PhD in electrical engineering), so I’m happy to do informational chats with students — particularly doctoral candidates in STEM fields. Just send me an email to find a time to talk!